Dot And The Kangaroo – Ethel C.Pedley


Dot and the Kangaroo, written originally in 1899, is a children’s book by Ethel C. Pedley about a little girl named Dot who gets lost in the Australian outback and is eventually befriended by a kangaroo and several other marsupials.

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A young Australian girl named dot becomes lost in the Bush after chasing a hare into the wood and losing sight of her home and is rescued by a red kangaroo, who gives her some magic berries that allow her to speak with the animals and takes her on a wild adventure through the Outback. The story is impossibly charming, and you will love the way the author gave each animal a distinct personality based on its natural habits–the motherly kangaroo, the quirky kookaburra, the loquacious platypus, the loud and gossipy bower birds.

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Ethel C.Pedley

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