The legacy effect – Adam Ginsberg (hard cover)

The legacy effect – Adam Ginsberg (hard cover)

What if a single person’s legacy could change your life forever?
Twenty-three-year-old Aaron Greenberg’s less than satisfactory life is about to shift forever when he reluctantly accepts an invitation to a celebration marking the 100th year anniversary of his great grandfather s birth.


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While Aaron s parents and relatives anxiously await monetary disbursements from his great-grandfather Ethan’s time capsule, Aaron discovers something even more surprising and valuable, that will change him in ways he could never have imagined.
‘I wonder if there is value in writing words that might never be read. I hold this thought right now, but with it the hope that they are discovered by the right person.’
Ethan’s legacy, including nine key principles, turn out to be a gift that will forever re-shape Aaron s life business success, personal relationships, healing family bonds – all far beyond his expectations.
What of your life will remain?
What if your legacy changed someone else s life forever?
Who will define your legacy?



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